Microsoft Office 365 migration



Our client had the requirement to speedily migrate 200 employees from an existing email platform while minimising downtime.


Zymbian worked through their requirements and future growth plans. The below quickly came apparent:  

  • The solution had to come online quickly

  • It had to be scalable because the company was growing fast

  • It had to be easy and cheap to manage. Fast-moving companies don’t have time for slow-moving technology.

  • Finally, it had to “just work” for a company consisting of managers and employees with a real mix of technical skillsets.


Zymbian recommended an Office 365 solution over an on premise Exchange implementation and quickly set about the implementation and migration.

Microsoft Azure IT continuity



Our client had a need for IT continuity, but not the budget.


Zymbian leveraged Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V technologies to provide cloud based IT continuity for their core system, these included Active Directory and file & print services. As the company file data was then held in Azure, further savings were made for the client by utilising Microsoft Azure Backup.

Cloud Services

Grid reporting using Amazon Web Services


In partnership with SunGard iWorks Prophet, the leading actuarial software platform, Zymbian has developed a massively scalable and cost-effective financial reporting infrastructure hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.


Zymbian’s expertise has been in designing and optimising the infrastructure for delivery of this infrastructure, providing a resilient and secure environment.


Benefits include

  • A faster reporting cycle

  • Lower overheads, running costs and maintenance

  • Faster and less complex upgrade paths as a new environment can be built in parallel to the old one


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Cloud computing is almost inescapable with every source predicting huge future growth. Building your IT infrastructure in the cloud is a very different challenge to building a traditional on-premise solution. Concerns about physical equipment, security, service availability, connectivity and SLAs are all very real for the inexperienced.


As Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and HP partners, Zymbian have vast experience of delivering vendor packaged services and building tailored cloud infrastructure solutions.

Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 now hold the UK Government’s recently launched “OFFICIAL” accreditation.


This means that Microsoft Azure and Office 365 are now accredited to hold or transact public sector data for business conducted at the OFFICIAL level of Security Classification.


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